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The usual foolishness...


"Whiplash" is a well made exploration of the interplay between passion, obsession, and music. It is well written and well acted, but the direction is painfully pretentious. It is also absolutely toxic. The director freely admits that he believes that excellence is solely the product of obsessive discipline, and completely disregards the role of joy in art. Which is to say, he is an idiot.

"The DUFF" is a pretty decent '80s style teen comedy. John Hughes might not have been proud of this one, but he certainly wouldn't have been ashamed of it, either.

"McFarland, USA" is a mostly true "Triumph of the Underdog" story, and it works really well. Of course, these movies pretty much always do, if you let them.

"The Lazarus Effect" is a well done, by the numbers horror movie. It skews more toward "creepy" than "gory", if that matters.

The March poker game happened on the last Friday in February, and I failed to either embarrass or distinguish myself. I also visited my father, and usual, and he continues to slow down. He actually said that he thinks he may have had a small stroke in December, which fits with my perceptions.

Yesterday, pulled into an empty parking lot chasing an abandoned Ingress portal. The lot hadn't been plowed. It took 90 minutes to get free. Cool ergonomic pusher shovels are LOUSY for pulling packed snow out from under your engine block. I am REALLY stiff and sore today...

Yesterday was the seventh anniversary of three things, all of which I heard about in an single 30 minute span:

My e-book, "A Brief History of Gnolls", went on line.
My mother left the apartment she shared with my father for the last time (she lived two more years, but never went home again).
Gary Gygax died.

I "celebrated" by recounting the Gary metagaming story that his son Luke told at the funeral to the denizens of the local comic shop. It's a GOOD story, and pretty much encapsulates Gary's peronality.

Uncle Hyena
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