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Follows, Home, Furious, Collins, Tommy

Four movies and some kind of neat foolishness:

"It Follows" started out with an interesting premise (supernatural stalker that moves at a steady walk), flirted momentarily with being a pornographic horror spoof ("And the thing switches targets every time its current target has sex!") and ended up being flat, dull, and kind of stupid.

"Home" is a bit of animated fluff with good production values, a solid cast, and a lame script. I don't quite regret seeing it.

"Furious Seven" is a worthy entry in this weirdly prolonged film series. If you like the series, you will like this one, though the real world death of Paul Walker makes the whole thing kind of strange. The film's understated eulogy for Walker is nicely done.

"Danny Collins" is a pretty good movie spun mostly out of whole cloth from a John Lennon footnote. It seems that in 1971 Lennon wrote an advice letter to 21 year old folk singer, care of a magazine. Someone at the magazine sold the letter to a collector, and the singer didn't see it, or even hear about it, until 2005. The movie uses that anecdote to launch a story about artistic integrity and the significance of family. We enjoyed it a great deal.

So... After crashing and burning at GaryCon on Thursday and Friday, I stayed home on Saturday and did the taxes. I planned to sleep in on Sunday, but then I realized that it would have been Clueless Tom's 60th birthday, and that he would have loved GaryCon, and so I packed up Tommy the Memorial Bear (outfitted with sort of con badge), drove up to Lake Geneva, and made the rounds. I got pictures of the bear with a variety of the TSR artifacts, and with several of the significant people, and had more fun than I had had when I was trying to play games. There is a lesson in here, somewhere.

Uncle Hyena
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