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Adeline, Machina, Train Demolition, Father

Two weeks, two movies, two trips south...

"The Age of Adeline" is an odd contemporary fantasy romance. Going in, I knew it was about a woman who had been born early in the 20th century, and had stopped aging in her late 20s. The trailers hinted that it was going to play with the (absurd) "tired of immortality" theme, which puts me off, but I was wrong. The thing she was tired of was being on the run, which is another matter altogether. In the end, the performaces were good, the story was silly, and we didn't regret seeing it.

"Ex Machina" is well executed, idea based, REAL science fiction. It is worth seeing. It is also very talky and deliberately paced. This is NOT a criticism, but it did make for some REALLY tough going after a 12 hour shift and being exhausted and slightly ill.

So... My dad decided to pull the trains out of his living room, and on April 24 I met with my two brothers to do the job. You can get a LOT of trains into a ten by fourteen room if you are inclined to do so. After about about six hours of steady going, the place was re-assembled, and we had hauled away a LOT of stuff. The HO scale stuff went into storage, and most of the G scale was divided up among the three brothers and the facility, which intends to put up a small display somewhere. My loot included an MKT boxcar, because I can't look at it without hearing the music, and a long string of images and dialog that ends with John Belushi saying, "Get the cigarette lighter fixed."

The very next day, my dad fell out of a chair in his kitchen, spent four days in the hospital, and lost enough mobility that he can no longer get out of bed unassisted, so he is now in a full time rehab facility. We are hoping he will be out in a couple of weeks, but it depends a lot on his willingness to fight, and that is unfortunately dubious.

Uncle Hyena
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