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Aloha, Andreas, Entourage, Dreams, Poker, Walking

Almost two weeks. Shame on me.

"Aloha" is a low-key romantic comedy with fairly large side order of espionage thriller. The characters spend a lot of time spouting clever dialog that still manages to leave most of the plot vague. It all works moderately well, but would have worked better if less effort had been put into cleverness and more had been put into story telling. We enjoyed it, but had hoped for more.

"San Andreas" is an epic disaster movie with a decent cast and an enormous effects budget. It is also painfully dumb most of the time, but you knew that when you bought the ticket. We enjoyed it.

"Entourage" is a fluffy buddy movie with a fair amount of gratuitous nudity and just short of too much slapstick. I saw it as a zero-expectation decompression movie, and found that I liked it a great deal.

"I'll See You in My Dreams" is a geriatric love story with a GREAT cast and a decent script. We liked it a great deal.

Hmmm. Four consecutive positive reviews, brought to you by the power of low expectations.

Friday was a visit with my father, and poker. My dad is a bit better than he has been, but still much diminished and kind of hopeless. It hurts to be around him. Poker was unusual; we had some guests who changed the dynamic of the game, and goaded me into drinking between tournaments, something I have never done before, and don't intend to do again. But... I HAD to. Really. "OK, here's a shot of Black Label, and if you don't drink it, I am going to pour it into my Coca-Cola." I mean, I can deal with the kittens in the blender, but pouring decent twelve-year-old into Coke? I just can't handle it.

In other news, Thursday was a freebie guest day at Great America, so I dragged Dementia along and we did a lap of the park. We tried to go on one ride, but were stymied because the safety harness wouldn't close over my chest. Grrr. On Sunday I did three full laps of Gurnee Mills, nearly seven miles. Life goes on.

Uncle Hyena
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