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Love, Spy, Far, Out, World, Pain, Rend, Watertown, Father

Two weeks. Grrr.


"Love and Mercy" is often painful, but wonderful anyway. If you have any affection for the Beach Boys, this film is a must see. But it DOES hurt a fair amount along the way.

"Spy" is MUCH better than I expected it to be, but then, I expected it to be unwatchable, and attended under duress. My tolerance for Melissa McCarthy's usual humor is low, but this movie managed to stay JUST under that, and still be more or less entertaining.

"Far from the Madding Crowd" is an apparently faithful presentation of the Thomas Hardy novel; I know I enjoyed it when I read it, but it has been more than 50 years and the details are vague. Carey Mulligan's version of Bathsheba is rather more intelligent and compassionate that I remember Hardy's being, but it's hard to complain about two hours of Carey Mulligan playing a sympathetic character.

"Inside Out" is a weird animated comedy thing based on a premise that would be really clever for an hour long story. Stretched to twice that, it gets more than a little lost, but it remains watchable.

"Jurassic World" combines a solid cast, top notch effects, and a parody's worth of horror movie cliches. It mostly works, but the stupid REALLY burns a lot of the time.

In other news... My shoulders have always been a problem, particularly the right one. Range of motion has never been good, and I have been subject to random bouts of pain for years. Usually the right shoulder is the problem, but on June 10 my left shoulder freaked out, and then I tripped and fell on June 14 and screwed up the right one as well. There is NO comfortable sleeping position; it hurts to turn the steering wheel. History suggests that this will mostly clear up in a few weeks, but for now it's pretty miserable.

June 13 was the annual Rend Lake messabout, but I didn't have a boat since I couldn't lift the canoe onto the car, and it rained all weekend. I watched movies and stayed in bed feeling sorry for myself. And THEN I went for a walk and hurt myself (see above). Fun times.

This past weekend was better. I was at loose ends on Saturday, and wandered up to Watertown, WI, for the Earth Traditions Solstice gathering. The location was a private residence, an odd piece of property that was only about 40 feet wide, and nearly 500 feet deep, backing up to the Rock River. The residents kept chickens and rabbits and bees. I had some conversations and told some stories and generally wandered about. It was the first Earth Traditions event I have been to in two years. Very much my loss.

On June 17, Dementia and I went to the dentist in Oak Brook Terrace, and from there down to visit my father. He was more alert and more energetic than I have seen him since before his fall, and he is talking about the possibility of moving back into his apartment, which is good.

Uncle Hyena
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