Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Genisys, Party, Father

Seven consecutive twelve hour days don't leave much room for life...

"Terminator Genesis" is probably the second best entry in the increasingly continuity free Terminator series. The world may be broken beyond hope of comprehension by a long string of muddily-conceived time travel plots, but the individual character arcs still sort of make sense, and in this case are convincingly and very watchably played. Since I had made my peace with the time travel idiocy before the movie started, I enjoyed this one quite a bit.

I worked until noon on Saturday, then picked up Dementia and we made our way south for brother Pete's annual July 4 party. It was a good time as usual, in spite of my rather moronic decision to attempt to play volley ball with my nephews and their friends. UNHAPPY shoulders...

My father will have been in the rehab facility for ten weeks tomorrow. He has coverage there for another four weeks, at which point we will have to move in some other direction. He is very clear that he wants to return to his apartment, but may need 24 hour care to do so. He could be independent if he would only actually TRY to recover, but he says he doesn't like to exercise unless he is being forced to. Excuse me while I suppress a frustrated scream.

Uncle Hyena
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