Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Magic and Things Sundry

I've been working too many hours, moderately sick, usually in pain, and generally grumpy. But the company has been good.

"Magic Mike XXL" has many characters in common with its predecessor, but is very unlike it in tone. The earlier movie was a rather dreary slice of life with a double side order of beefcake; the current film is a zany road trip movie with a TRIPLE side order of beefcake. It has less actual dancing, much more physical vulgarity, and a LOT more humor than the earlier movie. We liked it well enough.

Twelve hour shifts don't leave much room for living. I have worked eleven of them in the last thirteen days.

On the other hand, exhaustion can lead to contemplation. Watch this space.

Uncle Hyena
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