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Eleven days since the last normal entry. Seems longer.


"Mr. Holmes" is brilliant, though occasionally (often) difficult to watch. The main story shows Holmes in his nineties, slowly losing his magic, and trying to recall the details of his last case (which is presented in flashback). We loved this one...

"Ant-Man" demonstrates that Marvel can take a hopelessly stupid character and make a decent movie around him. This is a SILLY movie, but a great deal of fun, and well worth watching.

"Paper Towns" is a mess. It's a kind of charming mess, but a mess nevertheless. Given that this story is supposed to be set in the real world, it contains far to many frame-breaking reality check moments. Some of the characters are brilliant, but are damaged by standing side by side with cardboard contrivances. We don't regret seeing this one, but that isn't a recommendation.

"Minions" delivers what it promises: Mind-bendingly stupid, juvenile fun with occasional dark overtones. If you wanted something else, go elsewhere. It is also, for the most part, set in 1968, and the sound track if FULL of the best music of that period, and is almost worth the price of admission all by itself.

In other news, my work schedule has returned to normal, and my dad is returning to his home, though he is not back to the point he was at before his fall. Yesterday brother Pete and I made the first steps toward moving him out of the apartment he has been in for nearly ten years (and will be in for another few weeks) and moving him into custodial care. It's not a happy process.

On the health front... My shoulders are still making me unhappy, meaning I still haven't been boating this year. I DID stop by Lake Andrea on Monday, just to touch the water...

Uncle Hyena
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