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Mission, Polar, Pixels, Flash, Irrational, Fantastic, Trainwreck, Hunger

Two weeks. Not entirely sure what I did with them. (Well, I worked seven days, and saw eight movies, but still...)


"Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation" is the fifth entry in this reality challenged (but isn't EVERY movie in this genre reality challenged?) but hugely entertaining series. Tom Cruise may also be reality challenged, but very much continues to be entertaining; he is over 50, but his ability to do jaw dropping physical stunts seems undiminished.

"Infinitely Polar Bear" is an autobiographical piece about living with a bi-polar father. It is often painful to watch, but very well done, and we are glad we saw it.

"Pixels" has enough heart to pay the freight on Adam Sandler. This is a pretty good trick.

"Ricky and the Flash" is a family drama with a great cast, a solid script, and a lot of good music. We enjoyed it a great deal.

"Irrational Man" tells the story of a brilliant but burned out philosophy professor who finds new meaning in life by contemplating an act of vigilante justice. And THEN the story gets strange. This isn't a bad movie, but one gets the feeling that Woody Allen is using it to explore his thoughts without reaching a conclusion, and the result is rather flat.

"Fantastic Four" is deeply flawed, but mostly watchable. It isn't as good as it needs to be to make back its production budget, but it is watchable. Sort of.

"Trainwreck" is REALLY aptly named. It is occasionally funny, often unpleasant, and generally flat. I checked the progress of the movie against my watch at least ten times. I REALLY need to remember to never watch another Judd Apatow movie.

In other news... My dad is back in his apartment with a full time aide, and will be moving into assisted living before the end of the month. He is very tired of living, and is unwilling to do anything to make his situation better.

In still other news... Nah, that's for tomorrow.

Uncle Hyena
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