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Three weeks, and only three movies. What is this world coming to?

"The Man from U.N.C.L.E." is an attempt to reboot the somewhat flaky 60s spy show. No one is buying tickets. This is a shame, because it is really an amusing and clever movie. We enjoyed it a great deal.

"America Ultra" is the love child of a spy movie and a stoner comedy. Historically, I really enjoy movies that involve death and marijuana, and this one is no exception.

"Hitman: Agent 47" is much better than it deserves to be, given its video game roots. It fits in nicely with the two movies above: A little surreality, a lot of violence, a couple of engaging characters, and there you are.

So... August was a good month for flaky spy flicks. Too bad no one else wanted to watch any of them.

In other news...

I finished my long, fractured tour around Geneva Lake on the 17th. Got caught in a cloudburst about ten minutes from my car on the return trip, had to take shelter against the bole of an oak tree from the nearly horizontal rain. Got soaked, but my electronics came through unscathed. Much fun.

Got a chance to do another poker weekend at Gravel Lake in Michigan, had a lot of fun. Came home, checked in with Dementia, and then drove up to Elkhorh, Wisconsin, of a gamer gathering at the Pizza Ranch, played a game called, "Euphoria". It wasn't a bad game, but it displaced a chance to play a deluxe upgrade of an old Tom Wham original. Not a great trade-off.

On the 24th, Dementia and I shepherded movers through relocating my father from three rooms in the independent living section of his retirement home to a room and a half in the assisted living section. I went back down and worked on clearing out the old place on the 27th and again on the 29th. Spent most of the days in between feeling fairly sick.

On Sunday the 30th, we got a REALLY late start on our annual pilgrimage to the Bristol Ren Faire, but were put off by the mile long line of cars waiting for admission (from two different directions). I begin to suspect that Bristol might be another thing that will be lost to me due to overcrowding. It doesn't help that my tolerance for crowds seems to be diminishing annually...

On September 1 we went down to the Field Museum for the first time in a LONG time to see the Viking exhibit. It was worth the trip. One of the displays was a replica sword in a kind of cage so that you could heft it without actually doing anything else with it. It was REALLY amusing to hear the reactions of various people who had apparently never held a sword before under any circumstances. It was also a little surreal. I don't even know how many swords I own; how does someone get to adulthood without ever holding one?

Uncle Hyena
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