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It's been 18 days; I worked 12 of them. Also three movies, a Ren Faire, an abortive attempt to help further with my father's move, and a failed assault on the Geneva Lake Shore Trail.

Movies (done WITHOUT the assistance of IMDB, which is down at the moment):

"The Transporter Refueled" is more of the same, but without the star. They still haven't QUITE figured out that there is no point at all in showing the driver's feet if there is no clutch pedal, but they are getting closer. Given that this franchise descended into self parody with the SECOND movie, this one (the fourth) delivers exactly what it promises.

"Learning to Drive" features Ben Kingsley being charming and vulnerable. The rest of the movie is also worth the price of admission.

"A Walk in the Woods" tells the story of two grossly unprepared novices attempting, unsuccessfully, to walk the Appalachian Trail. The story is mutated somewhat by the fact that the actors (and their characters) are 30 years older than the real people who are described in the book. Anyone who has ever lived out of a pack for more than a day will be amused by the fact that the on-screen packs are obviously full of newspapers (or maybe even air bags). Worth seeing on several levels in any case.

On September 6 I went south after work and tried to accomplish more clean out of my dad's former apartment, but I didn't have the mental or physical reserves. I did a few on-demand errands for my dad, took out some really obvious garbage, and dragged myself home in relative defeat. (My brother Pete managed to finish the job over the next few days, and I sort of need to nominate him for sainthood. I can't even buy him a bottle of good Scotch, since he doesn't drink the stuff...)

We finally got to the Bristol Ren Faire on Labor Day. We decided, reluctantly, not to bother with costumes. It was the usual good time.

On Monday, September 14, I made an ill-advised attempt to walk the entire Geneva Lake Shore Path in one day. I didn't make it; my feet gave out after nine miles. I did NOT have the Achilles tendon or metatarsal problems I feared; I just had feet so sore that that I dreaded putting them back on the ground with each new step. So I walked clockwise from Linn Pier to Fontana to Williams Bay, and then got a local taxi to take me back to Linn Pier. I ended up circling the lake twice, but only half of one circuit was on foot. Maybe next year...

Uncle Hyena
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