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Twelve days since the last general entry. Hmmm.

"The Intern" is an almost comedy slice of life. It is marred by the fact that Anne Hathaway's character arc goes exactly nowhere. We enjoyed this movie, but it could have been much better with very little tweaking.

"Sleeping with Other People" is charming and extremely low key. There are NO big laughs in this movie, just two interesting and badly damaged people stumbling their way to a relatively better place. It is also occasionally fairly vulgar. I enjoyed it a great deal, but that isn't a general recommendation.

So... September 20 I spent several hours in a dentist's chair, getting a single-visit crown. On September 21 I ripped several holes in the kitchen ceiling, trying to locate the source of an every-eight-seconds drip (see the previous entry). On the 27th I did plumbing and beat my head against the wall (again, see the previous entry).

On the 29th I had a conversational meal with newly-adopted niece Andrea.

When I met Andrea, she was working her first job, collecting tickets at the local theater. She was diminutive, pretty, and possessed of an impossibly sexy alto voice. She gave me an impression of significant affability and intelligence. Six years and several dozen three-minute conversations later, the first impressions still hold. These days, she has a master's degree and has just started a real career. She accepted my invitation to food and a REAL conversation, and three hours of the usual hyperbolic meandering ensued. I hope she enjoyed it as much as I did, because I had a BALL... And there are SO MANY loose threads to follow up next time.

Which reminds me... Dementia has said that conversation is my real passion, the thing that I MUST do to be me, and she is probably right. I REALLY need to work on fitting more of them into my life. (And yes, I know that I owe several of you conversational meals already. Feel free to nag me.)

Uncle Hyena
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