Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Martian, Hell, Malaise, Tom Wham

Not much going on, except maybe between my ears...

"The Martian" is GREAT. If you liked the "Trash Bag" scene in "Apollo 13", and think stringing several of those together would make a good movie, you will find this one pretty much perfect. Along the way, there is a great deal of humor, and a fair amount about honor, loyalty and courage. Highly recommended.

"Hell and Back" is a REALLY silly bit of R-rated animation. It isn't awful, but it isn't very good, either. I went looking for brain-damaged fluff with a 10:00 AM showtime, and I found it.

In other news... I tend to get sick in the autumn. It is NOT SAD; I am a troglodyte, and almost never see the sun anyway. But the fact remains, and this year is fairly typical.

In still other news, my friend Tom Wham (TSR Old Guard, designer of odd games, and drawer of strange cartoons) was in the hospital from September 28 to October 4, the victim of a septic gall bladder. By the morning of October 6, though, he was back playing board games at the Lake Geneva Culver's, so that much is right with the world.

Uncle Hyena
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