Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Ingress First Anniversary

So... I have been playing Ingress for a year, now, give or take a day. Just rolled over 3 million AP this morning. I have held six different portals long enough to earn a black Guardian Badge, earned enough other badges to make level 11, even though I am still a million AP away from level 10. I have carried the silly scanner with me in hopes of racking up distance for the Trekker badge, only to have it not count for some reason I haven't been able to fathom.

As an incentive to exercise, the game has been a qualified success. I have seen some bits of Waukegan that I wouldn't have seen otherwise, as well as a few other odds and ends.

As a social outlet, the game has been a bust. I have made one friend, and learned that I don't enjoy playing the game simultaneoulsy with othe people. THAT, on the other hand, has opened a window into my own head: Generally speaking, I would rather talk about games than actually play them. Not sure where that thought will lead.

Will I still be playing a year from now? Who knows? There are WAY too many variables at this point.

Uncle Hyena
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