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31 Years Ago...

Day Two of our 31st Anniversary, and I will pull off a trick that few of you can match: I will recite the names of everyone who attended either wedding from memory.


October 11, the night before: Spent in my parents basement, playing an Intellivision Baseball tournament with my brother Pete, and friends Greg Case and Steve Marinich.

October 12, the civil wedding: Julia's friends Sue Crowell and Joe Bondi joined us at the DuPage County courthouse, where we were married by Judge Dwayne Watty. Then we drove to Indiana and spent the night at the King's Inn, where I had lived during my days at Anderson College.

October 13, the religious wedding: This was held in the recreation center of the apartment complex down the road from the one where Clueless Tom lived; the one in his complex was booked, but this one had the same management company, and was available. Catering by Little Caesar's, ceremony by the then not-quite-a-Reverend Bob, pointless 30 minute delay by Clueless Tom.

Present were:

Paul and Julia
Dave and Fran Haynie (Paul's parents)
Pete Haynie (Paul's brother) and fiancee Sue Ballard
Ron and Barb Hendershott (Julia's Parents)
Mary and Donna Sloan (Julia's grandmother and aunt)
The Almost-Rev. Bob Buehler, wife Shannon, and sons Drew, Clark, and Seth
Tom (Clueless) and Deb Parker
Hazen Briggs
Lisa Hunter

After the Chicago contingent went home, the rest of us went back to Anderson for a game of "Dark Worlds" (of which "Call of Cthulhu" is an illegitimate child). On the 14th we went home, and on the 15th we were back at work.

Uncle Hyena
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