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Pan, Sicario, Scorch, Father, Nieces

Rolling along in the autumnal fog...

"Pan" is almost good. The are moments when it just sings, but there are rather more moments when it falls flat. The trailers led me to hope for more, but I really knew better. You have to wonder about the process which creates a prequel to a well known story without actually hinting at the manner of the segue from one story to the other.

"Sicario" is well made, but oddly pointless. The story is coherent, the scenes are well constructed, the dialog is good, the characters are well written and well played. But the story is also grim and humorless and pointless, and simply did not need to be told.

"Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials" takes the logical train wreck of the first "Maze Runner" movie, and mines it for new and heretofore undiscovered forms of stupid. I have gotten the impression that most of the stupid was added in adaptation process, but that doesn't mean the original premise made sense.

I visited my father on the 10th. He is settling into his new place fairly well, and is closer to being the person he was six months ago. He wants to see more of me; I don't know what to do about that. I love him, but visiting him burns emotional energy that I don't have to spare (I suspect that a separate post on this is forthcoming).

Shortly before I left work on the 17th I got a Facebook message from niece Beth, who lives in Spokane. Seems she was in town for a wedding, and wanted to get together. The result was that Dementia and I met my brother Tim and his two daughters (Beth, and Katie from Denver) at a local brew pub. It was a good visit; I talked too much. (I was tired and prone to riff...)

Uncle Hyena
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