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Vacation, movies, a gaming con flyby... The usual stuff.

"Hotel Transylvania 2" is more of the same. I saw it by Hobson's choice while waiting for "Fantasia". It met my low expectations.

"Fantasia" was available on the big screen, and I watched it. Unfortunately, it was a SMALL big screen, with a mediocre sound system, and the proper "Fantasia" experience NEEDS good sound. "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor" should DO things to you, even when your eyes are closed, but not this time. Ah, well.

"Spectre" is as well presented, but significantly less well conceived, than its immediate predecessors. When a Bond movie makes you wonder where they are getting the money for airfare and wardrobe changes, something is not working. The character work is solid, but the plot is just not quite there.

I had a few days of vacation in here; we drove to Mount Vernon, IL, as a base of operations, then backtracked to Sullivan, IL, to visit Dementia's Aunt, who moved there a few months ago. The day after that we drove down to Nashville to visit the Parthenon. Then we came home. It was a fun, somewhat flaky trip.

On November 6 I visited my father, and played in one of brother Pete's double poker tourneys. I finished in the money for the second one. On November 8 I went up to Madison to breeze through GameHole Con, which was amusing. The string of gaming conventions at which I have played no games is getting REALLY long, though.

Uncle Hyena
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