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Uncle Hyena

Burnt, mostly

Work, fatigue, car trouble, and one movie twice. Not much to say, really.

"Burnt" is yet another example of a food oriented movie that I LOVE, in spite of my indifference to food. Passion, friendship, and personal growth are all strong selling points for me, and this movie has them all. I saw it twice because Dementia had been convinced by a critic that she wouldn't like the movie, but the review had been written by someone who left in the middle of the movie. I saw it, told Dementia about it, and convinced her to come with me for a second viewing. And of course there was a knife scene, though not as good as the one in "Chef".

Apropos of nothing:

The other day something brought up the scene from 2011's "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" in which Buck the gorilla leaps off of the Golden Gate bridge onto a HUEY gunship, and proceeds to kill it, dying in the process. I heard "Holding Out for a Hero" in my head, and a music video concept popped into my head using that scene, and two others. I got about half a sentence into explaining this to Dementia, and she said, "Goliath at the glass in 'Project X'... and the minotaur at the portcullis in 'Prince Caspian'." Yes. Exactly. (She knows me pretty well...)

And also...

Dementia sent me an article that argued that "Ladyhawke" was the best fairy tale movie ever, even after making allowances for the soundtrack. I will go further than that; I will say it is the best whole cloth fantasy of all time, and one of the best fantasy movies of any stripe. And the sound track... The problem isn't with the SCORE, which is excellent, but rather (apparently) with the orchestration. I am not sure why so many people feel that instruments invented in the 20th century are less appropriate than instruments invented in the 18th and 19th centuries for telling a tale set in the 13th century, but it is a common (if groundless) opinion...

Uncle Hyena
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