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Danish, Legend

Movies and a visit with the family.

"The Danish Girl" more or less tells the story of Lili Elbe, an MTF transsexual and one of the first documented recipients of gender reassignment surgery. The cast is good and the production values are high, but the script takes some odd liberties with reality that diminish it. Compressing a 25 year story into only five years makes Elbe seem self-centered and obsessive; leaving out the REALLY critical detail that the doctors actually tried to implant a functional uterus as part of the surgical program makes Elbe's desire to have children seem delusional. (Well, OK, it was delusional, but the doctors told Elbe it was possible, and reality be damned.) The performances are fabulous, but the film is unsatisfactory as both story and as history.

"Legend" is a moderately historical gangster movie. The cast is good, the performances are good, the production values are high, and there are a few truly magical moments. I am very glad I saw it, and can recommend it to anyone who enjoys the genre.

On Monday night we got together with my father, as well as my brother Pete and most of his family, for a holiday meal. My dad continues to slow down. Dementia spent a fair bit of the evening and commented, afterward, that there used to be a light in his eyes that is just gone, now. He is still himself, but I know what she means.

Uncle Hyena
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