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Zhanh "Redcap" Olt Grezhakh

Once upon a time, a troll arrived on the shores of Fishsquish Lake, looking to trade. His bag of goods contained a nearly dead elven infant. Olghi the goblin traded the infant for three times his weight in fresh fish, and then nursed him back to health. She named him "Zhanhtar", for his weird pink skin. This was quickly shorted to "Zhanh" ("Pink" or "Pinky") once the child was ambulatory and talking.

Several years later, the orcish wizard Grezhakh Ironboots heard a rumor of an elf child living among goblins, and made his way to Fishsquish Lake to see for himself. He offered Olghi three gold pieces for the boy, and since she had never even SEEN more than one gold piece at a time before, she tearfully agreed to sell the boy to Grezhakh.

Grezhakh found the boy to be disturbingly intelligent, and trained him first as a servant, and then as an apprentice wizard. They travelled constantly, mostly by ship, and Zhanh spent his free time learning to function as a member of a ship's crew. By the time Grezhakh pronounced him a journeyman wizard, Zhanh was also a capable sailor, and even a competent navigator. During this time he acquired a floppy-brimmed red leather hat that had an aura of inconsequential magic, but no obvious abilities.

Grezhakh decided that they should return to Khazan, where he had studied wizardry, so that he could show off his protege to his one time colleagues. They began to work their way back to that part of the world, and one night Grezhakh died in his sleep. Zhanh managed to convince the captain of the ship that they were on at the time to accept his services as a sailor, and so prevented Grezhakh's goods from being either confiscated or pitched over the side.

At Bamora, the next major city they docked at, Zhanh contacted the local Wizard's Guild, and was able to enroll as a student in the interest of getting formal journeyman's credentials. After a brief but strenuous course (See "Black Token", not yet written), he graduated and continued to make his way to Khazan according to Grezhakh's wishes. He made his way overland to Kartejan (See "The Oakbridge Oak" and "Knives and Fiddles"). During this time he acquired a talisman which marked him as a friend to dryads and nymphs, and a haunted alicorn dagger.

He then went down river to G'eon, where he found himself serving as a wizard/healer for a band of orc and goblin mercenaries in one of the region's chronic civil wars. He learned a great deal about re-assembling injured soldiers, and then happily took to sea en route to Khazan as soon as a (temporary) peace accord was signed.

Between Knor and Khazan he found himself entangled in a bizarre situation (See "A Seaborne Adventure") which left him briefly in command of his own ship, and subsequently in possession of a small fortune in shares of Doc and Sardin's Transfer Company. This made it much easier for him to book passage on D&S vessels, and gave him a steady supply of petty cash in the form of withdrawals against his earnings. (D&S were happy with this set up, in spite of the fact that it meant an elf owned stock in a dwarven company, because it avoided making a large cash payout to redeem their ship, and left them in control of the money).

On arriving in Khazan, Zhanh contacted the Wizard's Guild, and was given a dangerous task (scouting a hostile foreign citadel) to prove his worthiness. He fell in with an odd lot of fortune hunters, and by the time he returned to report to the Guild, he had taken part in a jailbreak, participated in a riot, died and been resurrected, rescued Khazan's Goddess/Queen Ler'rotrahh from captivity, and seen the citadel he was supposed to scout reduced to a smoking crater. Zhanh came away from the adventure with membership in the Khazan Wizard's Guild, a token of friendship from Ler'rotrahh, and a small pile of wealth that he promptly invested with Doc & Sardin's.

Zhanh enjoyed a brief sojourn at the home of Count Rasulki, a vegetarian vampire, during which he bacame involved romanticaly with Auriyah, one of Rasulki's several librarians. He participated in a cross country chase after some kidnapped children which resulted in yet another smoking crater and still more money, most of which went into still more D&S stock.

Saying that he had been in one place too long, Zhanh hit the road again, and soon signed on as a wizard-healer with a mercenary regiment in the hope of honing his healing skills. After two years of reassembling damaged orcs and goblins, he again returned to Rasulki manor and Auriyah, this time intent on mastering a book on priciples of flight that he had acquired. A year later, he took to the road (or the air), intent on finally finding his elvish parents.
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