Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

The State of the Asylum

It's been exactly a year since I last did a general accounting; let's see where we are now.

Work started out rough, trying to do a two man job with an incompetent partner (I went through two of those over the course of two years, and finally got someone who could actually do the work in August) through some of the roughest times I have experienced in 17 years in this position. Now that things have calmed down, we are being threatened with outsourcing. We shall see.

I saw 105 movies this year, 9 of them twice. I ran my lifetime theater count up to 108. My literary consumption still consists mostly of recorded books, and I have migrated off of the CD player onto a Kindle Fire, which means a drop in convenience and sound quality, but also eliminates dead disks, and lets me carry the thing with me, occasionally.

I played less Ingress than I had hoped to, but almost as much as I wanted to. I played in ONE RPG, and played a few board games. I stuck my nose into three gaming conventions without playing a single game at any of them. I managed to get into eight of brother Pete's poker tourneys, which is a record.

The hip and ankle problems that plagued me in 2014 are mostly under control. In 2015, the problem was my shoulders, which were so bad that I couldn't get the canoe onto the car, and thus did NO boating. That HURT. Fortunately, my shoulders seem to be healing. I did manage to complete the Geneva Lake shore path, but failed in a subsequent attempt to do it all in one day. I managed to log about 1400 miles on the FitBit, which is something.

There were only three minor road trips this year, one with Dementia.

I managed to complete two pieces of short (very short) fiction after a drought of two and a half years.

I had three only conversational meals this year: Paul G., Andrea B., and (biological) nephews Jake and Mark together.

My weight stayed stable, which counts as a VERY small triumph, given that I am well below my average of the last decade.

This year? Do a LOT more boating, do more walking. Do the Geneva Lake circuit in one day (each) on foot and by canoe. Do the Fox River and the Chain of Lakes Island in the canoe. Do more boating generally. Make progress on much needed home repair. Do more gaming. Lose weight. Write more. Have more conversational meals.

I would say, "Be happier", but that's just crazy talk...

Uncle Hyena
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