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Blade, Forest, Brooklyn, Carol, Hours

I survived the annual January seven-consecutive-twelve-hour-days marathon, for the 13th time. Go me. I then saw a movie a day for five days.

"Blade Runner" was available in retrospective, and I had never seen it end to end since watching it on bootleg video back in 1983, so I didn't want to pass up a chance to see it on the big screen. It remains the definitive cyberpunk movie; I am otherwise not sure what I think of it. In many ways, it is a brilliant film; in others, it just fails. The atmosphere is amazing; the combination of the drab and gritty sets with the dreamlike pacing create a unique anxiety-dream experience, but the double threaded plot gets lost in that same atmosphere. The much discussed unicorn scene and its related mystery ultimately damages the plot. I do not know if this is a good movie, but it is certainly interesting, and it has some AMAZING moments.

"The Forest" is yet another horror movie that doesn't quite make sense when all the cards have been played. There is material for a very good movie here, but the final product is just mediocre.

"Brooklyn" is a coming of age story that suffers from the passivity of the main character. She drifts from one encounter to the next without ever showing the first hint of free will. The production values are high and the performances are good, but the pacing is sleepy and the story forgettable.

"Carol" is a vague and sleepy romance set in the early 1950s that draws whatever energy it has from the fact that the lovers are both women. The novel on which this film is based was significant as the first ever "lesbian happy ending". In 2016, it is just sleepy and vague in spite of high production values and excellent performances.

"13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi" is an effort to sort the events of September, 2012, into some kind of dramatic sense. It mostly succeeds. The situation was a metaphorical train wreck, and it is amazing that there were ONLY four casualties. If you have a taste for modern military cinema, this is very much worth seeing.

Uncle Hyena
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