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Movies, an achievement, an injury, and February...

"The Treasure of the Sierra Madre" was the weeks retrospective, and I had never seen it, so I went. Non-urban film noir is a weird thing, and "descent into madness" is not a story of which I am fond. Not a first tier Bogart movie, or a first tier film noir, but interesting. I don't regret seeing it.

"The Finest Hours" is a first rate dramatizaton of a really amazing real event. Dementia has been saying, recently, that her favorite story element is what she calls "Competence Porn", people being REALLY good at their jobs under adverse conditions. This movie is full of that.

"The Boy" is a solid horror movie. It has plenty of eye candy (both in star Lauren Cohan, and in British Columbia's Craigdarroch Castle, which serves as the setting), and it follows its own rules. This is easily the best horror film I have seen since 2013's "Mama".

"Jane Got a Gun" is a solid middle tier western. There is nothing wrong with it, but it lacks the spark necessary to make it really stand out.

In other news...

I gave myself the task of walking at least 10,000 steps, per FitBit, each and every day in January, and I did it, 164 miles, and 374,000 steps in total. I actually had a streak of 35 days going, and I am deliberately breaking it today, because I need a day off. I did all of that without any significant foot or joint issues, though, which bodes well for the rest of the year.

As previously mentioned, I fell January 26 and tore the knucles off of my right hand. The wounds are healing nicely, and the hand is about 65% functional (and that only because I don't want to tear the wounds open; the hand is mechanically fine). There will be a little scarring, but on my hands, who will notice?

It's FEBRUARY. Ugh. February has always been hard on me, and almost drove me to suicide 40 years ago (more on that on the actual anniversary). This year is looking worse than most, so far, with way too many real world issues adding to my usual mental detritus. The Black Dog is actually in the room with me, lately. Spring can NOT come quickly enough.

Uncle Hyena
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