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At a Yule party back in December, my friend Mark L. brought up the movie "Krull", and we talked about it briefly. I was aware of it, but had never seen it. Curiosity led to research, and I was surprised at what I found. The movie was a wannabe blockbuster, with a huge budget: 10% more than "The Return of the Jedi" which had been a real blockbuster two months earlier. The cast consisted of veteran British character actors mixed with relative unknowns (some of whom have since become VERY big). It tanked, making only about a third of its budget in general release. I hunted down a copy, and on Thursday we watched it.

History notwithstanding, was it any good? It certainly gets full marks for ambition, but there is an amazing amount of cluelessness in the execution. This movie fails SO badly, in SO many ways, and yet...

When all is said and done, the movie has a soul. You WANT to forgive it for it clumsiness and stupidity, so you do. I can't really recommend this movie, but I WANT to...

Uncle Hyena
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