Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Eagle, Egypt, GaryCon

Not a birthday blog. Really.

"Eddie the Eagle" is a "Triumph of the Underdog" story based on the Englishman who was able to compete in the 1988 Olympics as the English Ski Jumping team simply because no other Englishmen tried to compete. Beyond those details, the movie is pretty much whole cloth, but this kind of movie always works if you let it, so we did.

"Gods of Egypt" is a mess. It parcels out information about its world is such a clumsy way that the entire plot seems like an afterthought. The effects are good and cast is (generally) engaging, but the end result is third rate.

GaryCon VIII was this weekend; I think it has outgrown me. The new hotel (The Grand Geneva, formerly the Playboy Club) is too posh for my comfort level, and the crowd has just gotten too BIG. I DID manage to play ONE game though, even though it was only a fifteen minute demo.

There was also a poker tourney (or two; finished in the money in one) and a visit with my father in there, somewhere...

Uncle Hyena
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