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Stuff I posted on Facebook that is worth archiving:

March 27: Catching up on archived television over lunch, watching the first episode of "Legends of Tomorrow", finally. It's a silly superhero show, but it has already established that it has a soul. How? By showing three high end demi-meta thugs (White Canary, Captain Cold, and Heat Wave, if it matters) dealing with a grabby jerk with friends in a 1975 biker bar while Toni Tennille sings "Love Will Keep Us Together" on the jukebox. Magic!

April 7: Didn't check my step count for the year before I went walking today; I should have. Today is Julian 98, and I knew I was a tiny bit ahead of 10,000 a day, so thought I might get my (first) million for the year tomorrow. Nope, got it today, with 4000 to spare. Still need to step it up a bit if I want to make FOUR million for the year, though.

April 9: The group of teenagers had stopped to discuss their next move. A large, ugly man approached them and asked if he could ask a stupid question. They said yes in bewilderment. "I just want to know," the man said, "If any pair of you are siblings." One of the girls gestured to another girl; the man smiled. "It's a rule. When a group of four people cosists of three men and a woman, or three women and a man, there is always a pair of siblings in the group. Thanks for confirming it, again." They laughed nervously, and the man went on his way. (My degree of confidence on that trick is over 90% at this point...)

April 9: I was coming up the front walk when I heard an odd sound at treetop level, off to my left. I looked up and saw a large black bird, flying fast, disappear over the neighbor's roof. My brain caught up with the juxtaposition of THAT sound with a black bird... A RAVEN. In WAUKEGAN. I am still smiling.

April 10: Life inside my head: I was walking the mall (three laps today, about five miles) when I passed an ad for Pandora bracelets, and that set me to thinking about Borromean rings. I knew the concept, but had never studied the idea long enough to understand how they are constructed. So I thought about it. The thing about trying to do a topological puzzle while walking is that you really can't use your hands to aid visualization, because balance, and you can't close your eyes to visualize a thing, because collision. I solved the puzzle; it isn't that difficult. But it did strike that the entire thought arc was just a BIT eccentric...

Uncle Hyena
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