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Puppy, Canary, Torture

Stuff I posted on Facebook that is worth archiving:

April 14: I kicked a puppy today.
I didn't mean to; I was walking across a parking lot when a little black bundle of muscle and energy dashed out and started playing slalom with my feet. I tried to step carefully, but I didn't come to a full stop, and he managed catch my toe and took a pretty good hit. He ran back to the nearest building, but kept pacing me. After about ten more steps, I turned to face him and crouched; he came running out to make friends. I suspect that he was a pit bull; he was about the size of an adult dachshund. I played with him for a minute or two, and then stood up, and he headed back home.
But it fits my image better to say I kicked a puppy...

April 15: I've been a Black Canary fan since the early days of "Birds of Prey" when they gave her a more or less real world costume (for a while, anyway). She has had her own book lately, and once again they have rewritten her life (as DC is wont to do whenever the wind changes). She doesn't currently wear a costume; she is a meta-human and a martial artist who fronts a BAND called "Black Canary". In the most recent episode, she goes on a patrol with her friend Barbara Gordon. Babs is in costume, Dinah is not (since, at this point in the game, she doesn't HAVE a costume). Dinah IS wearing a tee shirt for a long defunct punk band called "Mucous Membrane."
Yeah, I know. It's self referential and kind of precious and the audience overlap between the current "Black Canary" and classic "Hellblazer" may not consist of anyone in the world but me, but that's OK; I love it anyway.

April 19:Conversation:
Hyena: I guess I was a pretty messed up little kid. Whenever an adult did something I didn't understand, I assumed that their motivation was to make me unhappy, and my job was to suck it up and pretend I didn't know what was going on.
Dementia: That is REALLY messed up. What made you that way?
Hyena: Just before I started to talk, I spent two weeks in the hospital, where strangers tortured me, and my parents came by often enough to convince me that they approved, and were never going to rescue me.
Dementia (laughing): That's AWFUL. I am SO MUCH sunnier than that.
Hyena (caught in a giggling fit): You think?

Uncle Hyena
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