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Stuff I posted on Facebook that is worth archiving:

April 21:
Tomorrow will be my last day on the job I have had for seventeen years. Today, I learned that my van has "essentially unrepairable engine wear" and will need to be replaced. In the grand sceme of things, it's pretty trivial, and I feel kind of guilty for complaining. But it still hurts.

April 22:
One job.
One five-digit phone number.
Two buildings.
Two employers.
Two ten-digit phone numbers.
Three offices.
Four job titles.
Four primary supervisors.
Five desks.
Nine partners.
Seventeen years.

April 23:
Tarot Serendipity

As I have said before, I have a few hundred tee shirts which are stored and arranged so that I go through them more or less in order every two years or so. The shirt that shows up when I reach into the box is always a surprise. Today, on the heels of one of the most significant and abrupt changes in my life, I reached into the box and got... Death. Specifically, I got a black tee shirt with the Rider-Waite Tarot image of Death on it, which is pretty damned cool and painfully appropriate.

For those who don't know, the Tarot's Death isn't a negative card in any way; the "bad" cards in the deck are The Tower and the Ten of Swords. (I had an opportunity to buy a Tower tee once, and passed; why borrow trouble?) Death, on the other hand, means, "Change."


April 26:
With regard to nothing in particular:

"If we lived in a civilized society, I would have long since challenged you to a duel, and you would be dead now."

April 30:
This morning I was digging through tee shirts trying to find something appropriate for a Beltane celebration with the local pagan group. Saw these vivid stained glass colors on a black shirt in the middle of the pile, realized I had struck gold: a beautiful piece of Liz Danforth art, and the legend: Learn Magic: Read a Book. Perfect!

Uncle Hyena
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