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So... I got up early this morning, drove to the mall, did three laps, came home, weighed in, and had breakfast. ALL food is amazing after 107 hours...

Some of you will be aware that I did a three day (81 hour) fast last August (details here: http://unclehyena.livejournal.com/362634.html ). I just finished doing it again, this time for four days (107 hours). Reasons? I wasn't entirely happy with the results last time, wished I had gone an extra day. Plus I just liked the sound of "one hundred hours". And then there is the fact that my life has just turned a major corner, and I had the free time, and there is a lot of tradition for doing a fast before setting out on a new journey.

Raw numbers: Pounds lost: 13 (4 of that is likely real weight); Walking: 63,405 steps (27.63 miles)

Day One: (11,000 steps)
Time started at midnight, because starvation while you sleep is free. Got up, did two laps of the mall, saw a movie with Dementia. Normal hunger, no side effects, other than one of my internal demons suggesting that I might like a sample of pretty much every food in the house.

Day Two: (Down 5 pounds, 16,000 steps)
Did three laps of the mall, then went home and went sort of crazy. The evening had the worst hunger pangs, and the worst food cravings. I joke that there is a point in this process when cannibalism seems reasonable; this was the point when that joke wore REALLY thin. The knowledge that I was well short of the halfway point made it all really difficult.

Day Three: (Down 8 pounds total, 12,000 steps)
Got up late, saw a movie, ran some errands, met with a former supervisor (McDonalds is a great place to sit and nurse and ice water for 99 cents.), THEN hit the mall for two laps. Hunger pangs quit at about noon (a few hours earlier than last year), which left only ennervation and cranial demons to deal with.

Day Four: (Down 10 pounds total, 10,000 steps)
Another late start, a movie, errands, one extended lap of the mall (curtailed by the need to bring supper home to Dementia at a reasonable hour), ending with laps around the kitchen to push my total over 10,000 steps. This was the easiest day of the lot. No real hunger, and the cranial demons had given up in disgust. By evening, I was confident that my digestive system was finally empty (after a session at mid-day when my bowels seemed to be full of gas and dirty water...).

Day Five: (Down 13 pounds, 14,000 steps)
The 100 hour mark ticked past while I was asleep, and I woke up feeling good and knowing that I could start eating any time I wanted to. I weighed in, did three laps of the mall, weighed in again, and then had some yogurt and Dr. Pepper.

I'm glad I did; I think it was good for me. It DID pretty much eat the week. But I DO get a shiny new "100 hours of starvation" merit badge to keep forever...

Uncle Hyena
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