Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena


Recovered from the Facebook Dredge:

The two girls were sitting at the table next to the McDonald's drink machine, eating and talking and giggling and generally being schoolgirls.

They heard a deep voice say, "Hello," and looked up to see a large, ugly, scruffy man in black. They weren't quite sure how to react.

"I just wanted to thank you," the man said, "For being decorative." They smiled; they were bewildered, but also amused. "I've had a REALLY bad day," the man said, "And pretty girls just make the world a better place." The girls smiled brightly and gave the man thanks he did NOT expect.

The man turned and walked away. In spite of his pain, and fatigue, and general unhappiness, he came VERY close to smiling.

Uncle Hyena
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