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Giant, Tarzan, Father, Fourth, Poker, Bristol

Two movies, a party, malaise, a poker game, and the first Bristol outing of the year.

"The BFG" is beautiful, kind of charming, and REALLY boring. The pacing is both soporific and bad, and no effort has been made of give anyone over the age of eight anything to connect to.

"The Legend of Tarzan" is REALLY good. It has its flaws, of course, but it works well in spite of them. In the long history of Tarzan films, this one ranks near the top.

On the 4th, we visited my dad on our way to brother Pete's annual 4th party. Brother Tim (and wife Patti) arrived in my Dad's room shortly after we did, which was fine, since my dad is only good for about 20 minutes of conversation with any given person, anyway. Pete's party was a good time, as always.

The rest of the week vanished into a morass of vague illness, indolence, and neurosis. I did manage to take a look at a possible replacement for the van, a 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser, but it doesn't seem likely to fit the bill.

The July poker game continued to be uneventful; I think my best hand of the night was QJ, off suit. I won ONE hand in two tourneys. The company is still good, though.

On Saturday, after more of less recovering from the previous late night, I meandered up to Bristol, collected my "Friend of the Faire" token, and generally wandered around. It was... pleasant. Also not exactly what I needed to be doing. Though I have no idea at all what it IS that I needed to be doing.

Uncle Hyena
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