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Movie Update

Let's see... Saturday we went to "Catwoman", and today I finally got to "I, Robot". I should also say something about the current "in lieu of broadcast TV" fare, which is the first season of David Carradine in "Kung Fu".

"Catwoman": Fans of the current (or most recent former, for that matter) incarnation of "Catwoman" in the comics are calling this "Catwoman In Name Only", and for good reason; it has only the name (and the whip) in common with the comic character. That doesn't make this a bad movie... Sure it is weak in spots, and suffers from too much reliance on CGI (what doesn't, these days?), but it has some truly magical moments. The scene in which Patience (*Patience*?!?) first wakes up after her transformation and walks through her apartment doing extremely catlike things unconsciously while talking on the phone is magical, and quite likely worth the price of admission. The much maligned costume is indeed pretty stupid, except in one scene where a strobe light turns the pants into totally functional tiger stripes. The costume is still stupid, but at least you can see what the costumers were trying to achieve.

"I, Robot": I happen to like Will Smith; he is personable, he hits his marks, and he sells his lines. Anyway... Given the number of words and the amount of time that have been spent (wasted) on Asimov's three laws, this movie covers the issue pretty well. It might also be considered as making a statement against the Cult of Safety (see "Homeland Security") and Microsoft, for that matter. The movie looks good, the special effects work, the robots are damned scary when the need to be... and the writers understand that the "inaction" clause in the first law is a ticking time bomb. Much fun.

"Kung Fu": This is a magical, wonderful show. I have no idea how it ever got through the halls of Hollywood and onto the air, but it did. I for one am grateful , however it happened. So much of this material has since become cliched, but it is new here, and still surprisingly fresh. Highly recommended.

Uncle Hyena
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