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"The Bourne Supremacy", "A Cinderella Story", some thoughts on Domino masks (for Alex), and a bit on 1966 Mustang Convertibles.

Movie reviews first:

"The Bourne Supremacy": A nearly perfect followup to the first movie; odds are you will react to this one exactly the same way you reacted to the first one. I liked it; the producers regard these as intelligent action movies, and they are not entirely wrong.

"A Cinderella Story": Formulaic teen romance/comedy that works better than it really should. If you let it make you feel good, it will.

Which brings us to the matter of domino masks, and if they have ever accomplished anything in real life. My friend Alex ranted to the extent that they do not work a while ago, and I will have to respond that SOMETIMES they can work. Within "A Cinderella Story", the boy had never really focused his eyes on the girl before he spent time with her wearing the mask, so he was unable to build the face under the mask from memory. That is the way dominoes work (or don't): if you know the face well enough first, you see the mask as an applique and reconstruct the face underneath it. If you DON'T know the face underneath, you see the mask as part of the face. If you get to know the two versions of the same face in very different circumstances, it may take some time to make the connection. On the other hand, a troll (or a goddess) in a domino is still a troll (or a goddess) in a domino.

Finally... Hilary Duff's character in "A Cinderella Story" was driving a car she had inherited from her father that was consistently referred to as "a clunky old car". The car in question WAS 38 years old, but it was also in excellent condition (except for a single piece of duct tape on the rear seat back, to make it look a little ratty). But the idea that ANYONE saw that car as "clunky" makes my head swim. So,,, first of all, is there ANYONE reading this for whom "1966 Mustang Convertible" can under any circumstances be considered "Clunky"?

I was sufficiently upset by the prospect that the world had shifted so far off its axis that '66 Mustangs are anything other than objects of magic and wonder that I conducted an impromptu poll of the under 20 employees at the local Best Buy, and found that the world is indeed firmly on its axis. All right, one girl (lacking a visual aid) drew a complete blank at the mention of "1966 Mustang", but everyone else knew what I was talking about, and reacted properly. And then there was one girl...

The troll with the stack of DVDs under his arm stopped the diminutive blonde shopgirl and asked if she would answer a one question poll for him. She was a bit surprised, but agreed. The troll did his spiel: "We just saw the Hilary Duff movie 'A Cinderella Story', and her character had a car that they kept referring to as a clunky old car, and it was 38 years old, but... It was a baby blue '66 Mustang Convertible." Her eyes went wide. Her PUPILS went wide. I have never SEEN a reaction quite that impressive...

Uncle Hyena

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