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Random bits from Facebook

October 18:
I just stumbled across the phrase, "learning curb", used without the least trace of irony, when "learning curve" was intended. I weep for my language...

October 18:
Once upon a time, one of my mother's friends (who, like my mother, was a second generation Swedish-American) gave my mother a wicker goat (which is a Christmas tradition of sorts in Scandinavia). The friend was a bit confused about things, and told my mother it was a "Swedish Horse."

My brothers and I saw it, and asked, "What's with the goat?"

"It's not a goat; it's a Swedish Horse."

"Mom, it has HORNS and a BEARD. It's a GOAT."

"My friend said it was a horse, so it's a horse."

So for something like 30 years, the wicker goat sat on the sun porch, and was ever and always referred to as "The Swedish Horse". Loyalty and friendship absolutely trump reason, every time. That was my mother.

October 23:
Forty or so (non-consecutive) man hours later, the emergency portion of the emergency home repair has been completed, and the garage roof will not collapse this winter. In honor of this, we have the following, which seems to want to be called, "The Quitter's Cadence." (Those with military experience will know why.)

I am stiff and I am sore; please don't make me do no more.
I'm in pain from toe to head; I just want to go to bed.

October 23:
Steve Dillon died yesterday, at the age of 57. He was one of my favorite comics artists, an absolute master of using art to serve the story transparently. The world is diminished.

October 24:
(Courtesy of the Facebook Dredge, from 2012):
Most married people who are not actively complaining about their spouses will probably tell you that they have a pretty good marriage, regardless of what is actually true. So how do you make the point emphatically?

We've been married for 28 years.
We go out to the movies about 100 times a year.
We hold hands in the theater.
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