Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Temptations and Madness

In 1965, then 16 year old Robin Lee Graham set off to sail around the world in a 24 foot boat called "Dove". Five years later, he had gotten about 4/5 of the way there, with all of the serious blue water crossings behind him, and he was FED UP with living in that boat (which had not been designed for such use, and was pretty well shot anyway). He bargained with his (by-then) sponsor, National Geographic, and they ended up buying him a new "Dove", this one a 33 footer (with about four times the room and many amenities), and with that he finished the trip.

I read Graham's story in National Geographic. I read it about 15 times. It warped my head in a serious fashion...

The second, bigger "Dove" is currently in a slip in a marina on Oahu with a $38,500 price tag.

I have no business spending $40,000 on a boat, though I COULD raise the money... but it's in Hawaii, for god's sake, and I would have to bring it home under sail... This is an insane idea. I do not have the time or the money to buy this boat. Shut up.

Ok, then, said the little voice... There are two 35 footers that are nearly as nice, if not as romantic, for sale in Chicago for $15,000 each... Take your pick...

No. Not sane. Not right. Go away.

...And then there is the 32 footer on the hard in Traverse City; "has crossed Lake Michigan under all possible conditions, including an 80 knot gale..." that is only $11,000...

No. No! NO!!!

I have about four years of payments left on the credit card black hole, at which point I will have $600 a month more than I have now (and probably in excess of $100,000 credit, but I try not to think about that), and then I can THINK about buying a blue water boat. In the meantime...


Uncle Hyena
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