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November 19:
Whenever a writer or speaker makes me feel like I am at a pep rally, I make sure that my wallet and keys are secure, and that I have a clear path to the nearest exit.

November 19:
Language corner: We were watching Graham Norton, and the guests were blindly discussing the word, "overwhelm". For the record: "Whelm" means to swamp as with a wave; "overwhelm" started as a redundant perfect synonym and expanded, and "underwhelm" is a neologism that is intended to be the opposite of "overwhelm".

November 20:
Good time at the Elkhorn Pizza Ranch game day this afternoon; played "A Feast for Odin" with Tom Wham and Laura Murin. It took about four hours. VERY complex game, but fun, and very good company.

November 21:
On this point Asatru and Shinto are in full agreement: A good death is never a tragedy.

November 21:
Watching the season premier of "The Librarians": time sliced. There is a key scene late in the show where the background music sounds a LOT like a rearranged version of Murray Gold's "Day of the Doctor" from Doctor Who. And then they cut in two bars of the bridge EXACTLY. Major geek out.

November 22:
Chasing multimedia connections is too much fun. From "The Librarians" to "Day of the Doctor" to "Love Don't Roam" to "The Snake" to "Secret Agent Man" just that quickly.

November 22:
Normal procedure for replacing a light switch: Power off the circuit, change the switch, power on the circuit. Procedure in my house: Build a circuit shorting gadget, short the circuit (because a fly-by-night electrician rewired the breaker box without labelling the breakers), replace the switch. Power on the circuit. Whole circuit still dead. Check all the other breakers, still dead. Power off circuit, re-install old switch, power on circuit, all is well. Power off circuit, remove old switch, compare switches using a continuity checker, re-install switch upside down AND switch two terminals, power on circuit, all is well. (Plus a couple of false starts due to transient brain death). The wiring in this house is WEIRD. Is it any wonder I HATE doing home repair?

November 23:
Dredged from 2015: Today marks the 52nd anniversary of the first airing of "Doctor Who". Just sayin'.

November 24:
Forty years ago - forty years ago on Thanksgiving - after the family meal was over, I went into Chicago, met up with my then-new friend Clueless Tom and his Weird Uncle Ed, and went to a retrospective of "Darby O'Gill and the Little People" starring Sean Connery, at, I think, the Coral Theater. Good times.

November 25:
Watching "The Princess Bride", and looking for Elwes' compensatory moves during the "Life is pain," sequence, knowing that he had broken the big toe of his right foot just before they started filming that day.

November 26:
Dredged from 2015:
Thanksgiving day, 2004: Ernest Gary Gygax Jr., Edward A. Reno, Hiren Thakkar, and I had a REALLY slow day at work, and tried to play a complete game of Titan. When it collapsed down to Ernie and me (with Ernie out-powering me by something like three to one), I charged his biggest stack with a significantly inferior Titan stack, effectively committing suicide. Ernie was disappointed; he had really wanted to strangle me slowly (Well, honestly, he had just wanted the game to keep going, regardless, but that MEANT strangling me slowly.). Still, good times and never to come again circumstances.

November 26:
Not sure why I am thinking about this today, but it remains one of the cleverest shout-outs ever filmed.

(Text lifted from IMDB; it may not be dead accurate.)

Capt. William "Buck" Rogers: Have we met before, Gordon?
Brigadier Gordon: I don't think so, Captain. We're from different times.
Capt. William "Buck" Rogers: Gordon, where did you learn to shoot like that?
Brigadier Gordon: I've been doing this since long before you were born, Captain.
Capt. William "Buck" Rogers: You think so?
Brigadier Gordon: Young man, I *know* so.

Within the show, Rogers had spent 500 years in suspended animation, and was much, much older than the 70 years that Gordon showed. Outside the show, Buster Crabbe had in fact been playing Flash Gordon before Gil Gerard, who played Rogers, had been born.

It was a lame show; I had a crush on Erin Gray, and the show regularly featured attractive women wrapped in Spandex, but what really kept me coming back was the occasional tidbit like the one above. (Another example: The following message once came up on the overhead in a starport scene: "Paging Christopher Pike. Will Captain Christopher Pike please report to Veterans Administration?")

November 27:
Just found out that Jack S., with whom I have been playing poker since 2009, had a stroke yesterday. He had surgery last night, and is still in critical condition, but this is as good as the news can actually be at this point in the process. He's an authentically good guy.

Just... ouch.

November 27:
Just saw the new Apple "Frankenstein's Monster's Christmas" ad. It's sweet. (Apple is still evil, though.) My comment: "He has his navigation lights installed backwards."

Dementia giggled.

November 28:
Dredged from 2015:
Stuff that oozes out of my cranial sewer:

Bob wandered into Adam's office with a broad grin on his face. "Have you perceived," he said with a grin, "The proboscis on the pretentious provisional provincial provost?"

Adam grimaced. "The interim US attorney for the state has a big nose and a bad attitude..."

Bob continued, "Plus pulchritudinous progeny with prominent prosthetics."

Adam glared at him. "And, apparently, an attractive daughter with fake tits. Get out of my office before I beat you to death with a chair."

Bob turned in the doorway and said, "Prudence without penitence paves my path," and then closed the door behind himself.

Adam closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and then muttered, "Pest."

November 28:
I am apparently incapable of writing a self-description that is not either flippant, self-deprecating, or both.

Example: Highly intelligent autodidact, currently working as an IT professional, and disturbingly unclear about what happened to the first half of his life.

And while I am at it, I just cut this from my Facebook intro, preserved here for archival purposes: I am certain that I will have an iron-clad alibi for the interval in question, if you will only give me a few minutes to fabricate one.

November 28:
Just found this in my archives, where it has been lurking for about three years:

The idea of making morality FUN is absurd. Moral behavior begins when we decide that something or someone is more important to us than our own self interest, or, to put it another way, when we choose to define our happiness in a contra-survival way.

Morality that is based on fear of punishment is just cowardice, and not really morality at all.

Morality that is based on hope of reward is just greed, and not really morality at all.

True morality begins with a decision to walk the path of righteousness IN SPITE of the personal cost.

Because the path of righteousness is seldom if ever clearly marked, living a moral existence requires constant self awareness just to SEE the path.

November 29:

Celebrating the anniversary of one of the most important events in my life, even though I was ignorant of it for nearly three decades. (It's Dementia's birthday.)

November 30:
New fiction, that few seem inclined to read: http://unclehyena.livejournal.com/395228.html

December 1:
Sensitive Language Interlude:

Consider the following two sentiments:

One: "I believe that the group of which I am a member is fundamentally superior to that other group of which I am not a member."

Two: "I actively dislike that entire group of which I am not a member."

Neither of these two things is admirable, but they are different things. Most significantly, the first will almost never lead the violence, while the second is VERY likely to lead to violence. In spite of this, the two ideas often go by the same name. If the division between the groups is racial, the term for both of them is "racism", and no effort is made to distinguish between them. If the division between the two groups is gender, and the speaker is male, the first is "chauvanism" and the second is "misogyny".

It has come to my attention that the WORD "chauvanism" is dying out, and "misogyny" is expanding to fill the gap. This is unfortunate, because the distinction is important (for matters of safety if nothing else), and whenever linguistic mutation leads to loss of information, we all lose.

December 1:
Life in my household:

Hyena: OK, so a 3D printer is basically kinda-sorta a cake froster on the business end of a high precision 3D positioning robot, and a CNC milling machine is kinda-sorta a Dremel tool on the business end of a high precision 3d positioning robot, so this gadget is a high precision 3D positioning robot with interchangeable cake frosting and Dremel tool heads.
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