Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Sloane, Death

More than two weeks since the last entry. One movie, two wakes, life.

"Miss Sloane" is an extremely well done political thriller with a great cast. It is also an egreiously obnoxious piece of anti-gun propaganda. I remain mystified by the tendency of zealots (of any stripe) who truly believe that they hold the moral high ground to dispense with the truth. Folks, if the truth is on your side, it doesn't need your help, and if it isn't, you do NOT hold the moral high ground.

Two of my friends have died since the first of December, and I have twice recently found myself standing over the body of someone who is (or has been) significant to me, feeling a need to say something appropriately final. Without going into great detail about my significantly peculiar metaphysical perspective, I find myself quoting Seanan McGuire, whose sidhe characters have strict rules about benedictions: "Open roads, fair winds, calm seas, kind fires." Yeah, that will do it. Still can't recite it without my voice breaking, though.

Uncle Hyena
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