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Random Bits from Facebook

December 16:
From 2015:
Random Dementia-ness, from a conversation yesterday: "If you want to be a Jedi, study Buddhism. If you think the Matrix is cool, study Taoism. And if you're into Final Fantasy, study Shinto."

December 17:
Dredged from 2010:
"If Aslan ever let me into Narnia, he’d have to eat me to make me leave again." ~~ Ken St. Andre, commenting on "Voyage of the Dawn Treader".

December 18:
Dredged from 2015:
Surreality of the day: I came across this on a POLITICAL web site this morning, from which we may reasonably conclude that the writer went to college after 1985, that he took a film course, and that he drank the local Kool-Aid by the gallon: "The Rebel Alliance was meant as a (sympathetic) metaphor for the Viet Cong in particular..."

December 19:
Dredged from 2012:
For good or ill, the idea that the right to own firearms is the difference between a citizen and a slave is as deeply ingrained in US culture as slavery once was, and it will take something every bit as cataclysmic as the US Civil war to change that.

December 19:
Said in my household: The ability to get out of bed and be immediately energetic and cheerful is a mutation, because people who are born that way are always killed by their relatives before they live long enough to reproduce.

December 21:
Life in my household:

Dementia: I am not sure why, but I am REALLY fed up with holiday stupidity this year.

Hyena: There's a harpoon in the corner. Dress up as Krampus and go out and stab a few children. You'll feel better.

Dementia (frowning): I think I can come up with the costume, but the law tends to frown on that sort of thing.

Hyena (shocked): Not on Christmas!

December 22:
Cultural horror: The cashier was named, "Christian"; subsequent conversation revealed him to be 22 years old. He had never heard of Cyrano de Bergerac.

December 23:
Dredged from 2012:
Overheard: That's what the Statue of Liberty is, you know. She's a cleaning woman with OCD, wandering around in the middle of the night looking for trash that she missed by daylight.

December 23:
If you are writing a first person story about a badass biker chick, you REALLY need to do enough research to learn the difference between "electronic ignition" and "electric start". Just sayin'. (Regarding Faith Hunter's "Skinwalker".)
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