Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

State of my Self

It's mid-January. Where I have been for the last year?

I saw 81 movies, which is WAY down from recent years.

I walked about 1200 miles (down from 2015). I gave up on a goal of walking an average of 10,000 steps every day in May, because I got tired of having my feet hurt ALL THE TIME.

I rowed 100 real miles, plus another 100 on the rowing machine. I managed to accomplish most of my rowing goals (Geneva Lake perimeter, Burlington to Grass Lake on the Fox River, and the Chain O'Lakes "island) along the way.

I lost most of ten pounds and kept it off.

My worst injury of the year was in January (tore most of the skin off of my left hand knuckles), which didn't interfere with my life too much.

I had three conversational meals (Jorie H., Kathy G., and Magic Nikki). I need to have more, always.

In March, I turned 60, and later celebrated the 10th anniversary of Clueless Tom's death by taking Tommy the Memorial Bear on a photo tour of Gurnee Mills.

The job I have had for seventeen years ended in April. (Cue ominous music.)

Also in April, I learned that my van was on its last legs, and needed to be replaced. I bought a replacement in July, and then went through WAY too much hassle getting the new vehicle squared away.

In May, I went on a four day (107 hour) fast.

I managed to complete four pieces of short fiction.

Looking forward... I have no clue. I am currently taking a certification class, and then will hit the job market hard. I have no idea beyond that. We shall, of course, see.

Uncle Hyena
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