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Random Bits from Facebook

February 1:
Just took the textbook final for the current section of my Cisco course. Got a 92%. I can live with that. Still a long way to go.

February 2:
On this day in 1925, Gunnar Kaasen and his dogs arrived in Nome, Alaska, with a a cargo of diphtheria anti-toxin. The payload (though no single dog or musher) had traveled 674 overland miles in 128 hours through near-blizzard conditions. Just sayin'.

February 2:
Ayn Rand's birthday today. Such a petty, hypocritical, EVIL person...

February 4:
Dredged from 2016:
From the unintended consequences file: Back in the early 80s, various religious groups went slightly crazy, claiming that RPGs (and D&D in particular) were a gateway to Satanism and often contributed to suicide among gamers. To that end, they spent a lot of time lookng for gamer suicides in the interest of shouting, "I told you so!" They didn't find many. In fact, they found so few that they actually proved (if you run the numbers) that gamers are about ten times LESS likely to commit suicide than the population in general.

February 5:
Dredged from 2013:
I like to argue; it's fun, if done with respect and good nature. I also like to win, sort of. That is, it's fun to win, but it almost always makes me feel (quite legitimately) like a bully. Because winning requires me to go down one of two paths that I ultimately despise. The first is to use superior intellectual and language skills to brutalize the truth; I have major ethical problems with that. The second path is to dredge up a quantity of the toxic crap that lives in my cranial sewers and use it to dissolve the other fellow's rose colored glasses. I have major ethical problems with that, too; the stuff that is inside my head makes ME miserable, and I have no business inflicting it on anyone else, even if it IS true...

February 6:
You know that feeling you get when you spend all day painting a soup kitchen instead of fixing the hole in your own roof because you made a promise, and then the soup kitchen burns to the ground overnight? Yeah, that.

February 8:
"You don't know the first thing about being an American. We're misfits; outcasts, and we're proud of it. If they attack in formation, we pop 'em off from the trees. If they challenge you to a duel, you raid their camp at night. And if they're going to hang you, you fight dirty. But you never, ever, give up. THAT's the American way." -- Sociopathic hardcase Mick "Heatwave" Rory to George Washington on "Legends of Tomorrow".

You gotta love it...

February 9:
Things that go through my head while I should be working on other things: A poker chip and a beer bottle are zero-manifolds, a doughnut and a coffee cup are one-manifolds, a Kraken rum bottle and a gallon milk bottle are two-manifolds, and a horse and a human are three-manifolds.

At least this one didn't attack me while I was trying to sleep...

February 9:
I almost started an altercation at a social gathering yesterday. I didn't mean to, and when I realized what was happening I took steps to shut it down, but I came away baffled. It took a while to figure out what had happened. I had said, "If A, then H," because that is the way I think about that particular issue. I am prone to forgetting that, just because I have worked through the progression from A to B to C to D to E to F to G to H, and find the argument compelling and inevitable, doesn't mean that other people have done so. And lacking experience of that progression, "If A, then H," sounds kind of off the wall, even if it is true.

February 12:
I just found out that Tony Eringis, one of my best friends from high school, died this week. He just turned 60 in December. We last spoke, on the phone, in the mid-90s, and have had minor contact on FaceBook since then. Still, we was a big part of my life, back in the day. He was very smart, frequently clueless, often goofy, and just generally a good person. I have said this far too often, lately, but... the world is again diminished.

February 15:
On this day in 1988, the world first head that immortal phrase, "Everybody is Dead, Dave."

February 17:
Dredged from 2014:
With apologies to Douglas Adams (and Marvin):

Now the world has all turned white
(How I hate the snow);
Life is buried out of sight
(How I hate the snow);
Save us from this frozen blight
(How I hate the snow)!

February 17:
This is the seventh anniversary of my mother's physical death. It's been a lot longer since she was really herself; I am trying to recall the last real conversaton I had with her, and failing. It was a long time ago.

February 17:
Hyena picked up a whiteboard and drew three Futhark runes. "This is a riddle. It's a song reference. All of the clues are public knowledge, but I may be the only person on the planet who would see it at a glance."

Dementia, who is used to this kind of thing, looked at the runes. "Man. Ken. Tyr. That's step one. No idea where to go next."

"Step two is a railroad," Hyena said. "Step three is the song title."

"Still no idea," Dementia said.

"I know," said Hyena. And then he played the song, LOUD, grinning like an idiot, with tears running down his face. It's not really that kind of song, but, oh, the associations...

February 18:
Dredged from 2016:
"Truth suffers herself to be courted, but evidently she has no desire to be won."
-- Ernst Mach, Austrian physicist and philosopher (1838-1916)


Memories from sometime in 2000:
Blast from the past:

We were standing in front of a poster in the movie theater which advertised the soon to be released film, "102 Dalmations."

"Only 102?" Dementia asked. "It's been four years; there should be a LOT more than dogs than that."

Hyena looked at her, and replied instantly and with a straight face, "Well, they made the coat..."
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