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Momentous Moments

As usual, first the movie review: "Little Black Book" is a romantic comedy with a bittersweet twist. Brittany Murphy is reasonably engaging, and Holly Hunter is AMAZING as a soulless, backstabbing bitch.

Now, on to the significant stuff. First, for the fifth time in my life, I am again a college student. Not sure where it is going to go this time.

Second... I now own a boat. It is nearly forty years old, 16 feet long and weighs a rather ungainly 700 pounds. It is a "Rebel", a member of a still extant one design class that was the first boat to be mass produced in fiberglass. Sloop rigged, with a deck mounted mast using single shrouds over spreaders and a standing forestay. (I know, no one who is likely to read this has a clue what that means, but what the hell...). The hull is green, the decks and interior are white, and she is currently going by the name of "Oinkers Aweigh", soon to be "Fenris". I will still be building boats, and perhaps many of them, but this will let me get some real sailing in in the meantime. Rah.

Oh, I have finally started reading the copy of "Dove", Robin Lee Graham's retelling of his circumnavigation, that has been floating around the house for a couple of years. The first chapter quotes a letter Graham's father wrote to his mother, saying that the boy "was more interested in living than longevity." I really like the sound of that. And on further reflection, I have to say that I feel pity for anyone for whom that is NOT true.

Uncle Hyena
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