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Kong, Logan, CCNA

Way out of date for movies. Cisco has been eating my life. More on that later.

"Kong: Skull Island" is a sort of sideways prequel to the more famous story. Peter Jackson's ape was a quarter the size and had four times the personality, and while Bree Larson's Mason is a pretty good character, but doesn't hold a candle to Ann Darrow as played by Naomi Watts. But beyond that... This movie is SO MUCH tighter and more watchable than Jackson's "Kong". Tom Hidddleston as an Indiana Jones analogue is surprising effective. And you know the old joke about the revolver that shoots twelve times without reloading? They do a variation on that with helicopters on a smallish cargo ship. They started out with four hueys, destroyed at least ten, and have three left over.

"Logan" has some great bits, and some serious problems. Within the Marvel universe, the idea of a character whose healing powers should keep him from every growing old being slowly killed by metal implants that have been defined as being chemically and radioactively utterly inert is a PROBLEM. And then there is the fact senility as a topic is high on my personal "avoid" list. That said, there are several truly touching moments, and a great deal of amusing violence. And the final scene is beautifully heartrending.

On the educational front... the Cisco class that has drive me carzy for most of eleven weeks, and on April 6 I took and passed the CCNA exam. This leaves three and a half weeks to work through a MCSA from Microsoft, which is supposed to be relatively easy. We shall see.

Uncle Hyena
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