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Random Bits from Facebook

April 2:
Dredged from 2015:
I fully understand that introduing a species to an alien evironment is, if successful, bioterrorism. I don't approve of it. It's a very bad thing. But every now and then I come across a concept that is just so COOL that I wish I were a bit less ethical...

One example would be introducing bull sharks to Lake Michigan. They could handle the fresh water, but unfortunately the cold would probably kill them. ::sigh::

Another possibility that has just come to my attention would be to introduce Japanese snow monkeys to Wisconsin. There is already a colony of several hundred on a reserve in Texas, so they have the adaptabiliity to diet and we know they can handle the temperature. Yes, I know that this would be ecologically insane and highly illegal, but... Monkeys. In the North American forests. How cool is that?

April 3:
Facebook is getting creepier all the time. Case in point:

Last year, after I was told my job was ending, I joined some (three) high IQ societies, in the forlorn (and ultimately vain) hope of finding an employer that liked to gamble on high IQ types. Along the way, I joined mailing lists and Facebook groups, and participated occasionally. Collectively, the people who hang out in such groups have better grammar, better vocabularies, and a LOT more knowledge of math than the "ordinary" folks, but they are every bit as clueless about life in general as everyone else. (Who was it who said that it has not yet been conclusively established that intelligence is a positive evolutionary trait?)

Anyway, I was following a link to a "secret" Facebook group associated with one of those societies, and happened to glance to the right to the "suggested members" caption, and was a bit shocked at the three names I saw there.

I have, as of this moment, 452 Facebook friends. I won't say that the listed three were at the very top of that list, IQ wise, but they were certainly in the top ten (and no, I have no intention of actually figuring out who IS in the top ten).

The implication here is that Facebook has an algorithm that approximates user intelligence based on site usage, and does it pretty accurately. And that is downright scary.

April 3:
From the extreme (comics) geekery file: Something that makes my teeth hurt.
There is a character in the DC universe called Ra's al Ghul. The name means "Head of the Demon", and it's a TITLE. Got it? When other characters refer to him as "Ra's", they are calling him, "Head", which would probably get them killed if they weren't already at war with him. People who aren't fighting with him call him, "Master" or "Your Excellency" or, in a couple of cases, "Father."

Which brings up the point of this rant. Every time I encounter the name, "Talia al Ghul" (which has been far too frequently, lately), I gnash my teeth. "al Ghul" is NOT a surname; it's part of an indivisible title. Her name is "Talia, daughter of Ra's al Ghul". Any traditional surname she adopts is a pseudonym. "Talia al Ghul" makes exactly as much sense as calling the daughter of William the Conqueror "Mathilda the Conqueror".

April 4:
We've finished Cisco (certification exam on Thursday) and moved on to Windows 10...

Instructor: What's that expression for, Paul?
Me: I'm trying to motivate myself to care.
Instructor: Oh?
Me: I want to learn about fuel injection and cam profiles, and we're talking about paint and wax.

About half the people in the class got it, including (fortunately) the instructor.

April 4:
Dredged from 2012:
Possibly obscure joke; I wonder how many people will get the connections. Dementia did, and nearly fell out of her chair, but I knew she would...

We were watching the most recent episode of "Castle", which involves a British DI strong arming his way into the most recent murder case. As the episode was ending, a bell went off in my head. What if this were a back-door pilot for a show about a British cop who ended up on long term detached duty to th NYPD? Of course, to really do it right, the cop should be a Scot, not a Londoner, and it would be called...

Wait for it...


After Dementia stopped hyperventilating, she said, "Of course, you know that no one under 30 will ever get that..."

So... Show of hands. Did you get it? Did it WORK?

April 5:
Five-seven-five poems
Are embarrassing children
Of the proud haiku.

April 8:
From the Dredge. Scary how much things have changed in two years..
Dredged from 2015:
It's been a long week. It has actually been the easiest week this year so far, but that was good because I am REALLY run down and emotionally strung out. I didn't realize how bad it was until the trip home.

The most recent recorded book ended as I was parking last night, and I was planning to drop the van off for some brake work on the way home, so I didn't want to start another book. And it had been a while since I had listened to music while driving. I looked through the on-board stock of CDs: several each of Heather Alexander, Michael Longcor, and Bounding Main. As usual, I went to Bounding Main first.

Bounding Main usually gets to me; beautiful close harmony sea chanteys push a LOT of my buttons. But I usually don't have to fight back tears; I did today, a couple times, and I worried a little bit about what that meant. I ran my errands, playing a bit of Ingress along the way, and was heading home. I pulled into the space behind the marker for the Rondout Train Robbery to do some Ingress...

...and "Northwest Passage" came on. It's a beautiful rendition of a song that I have always found emotionally profound, but today... Today it ripped my heart out and ground it into the floorboards, leaving me a bawling mess. One of the more functional parts of my brain found time to be grateful that I was already parked when the song came on.

It was an amazing experience. I don't regret it, though it scares me. If I am that close to the edge, well, there are things JUST over the edge that NO ONE wants to deal with. Trust me. I need rest, obviously. And I need something else, something that will give me an emotional recharge. I just don't know what it is. (OK, taking Suchia out on Geneva Lake would do it. But there are significant logistical problems...)

April 10:
Spent the day at a "Job Hunt Skills" seminar (part of my class). Went in hating LinkedIn, told myself that if they couldn't convince me it was useful, I would delete my account. Learned the following:

If you don't include a picture on your profile, they will assume that you are hiding something, and you will never get an interview.

If *I* include a current picture, they will know that I am old, and I will never get an interview.

If *I* include a non-current picture, I may get an interview, but they will have me pegged as a liar as soon as I walk in the door.

So I learned enough about LinkedIn to decide that I would keep the account, but, for the reasons listed above, it will forever be for my eyes only. Such is life.

April 11:
This was an honest to Frisbane laugh out loud this morning: "My ethical structure isn't FLEXIBLE, it's DYNAMIC." --Ben Kuhn

April 13:
Random neurons fired, and the following appeared. It would seem to be a line from a science fiction story that does not exist, and probably never will, but I thought it was amusing enough to share.

"It's a four-dimensional May Pole, made using Hoberman spheres as shuttles."

April 13:
Dredged from 2013:
Dementia, on reading Phil Rickman's "The Bones of Avalon": "You begin to understand why women were second class citizens in medieval Europe. Women just DIED. They were DISPOSABLE."

April 14:
Life in my household:

"Prison Break" and "Agents of Shield", completely unrelated shows, have both mentioned prisons name "Ogygia" in the last week. Research was done.

"I don't recognize the name, either, but I know of the owner. And so do you," said Hyena. "Someone named 'Calypso.'"

"Oh," said Dementia with a grin. "Her."

Hyena continued, "So Ogygia was the island where Odysseus was held for many years, pining for Penelope, and having consolation sex with a goddess every night."

Dementia shrugged. "If you can't be with the one you love..."
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