Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Finest, Gifted, 70-698

Somewhere in here we managed to see two movies. I also attended a funeral in Anderson, and took and passed an exam after a NEEDED week of prep time went up in smoke.

"Their Finest" is a wonderful drama about making a feature length propaganda film during WWII. Bill Nighy turns in his usual wonderful performance, and Gemma Arterton is great as a Welsh secretary who stumbles into a job as a screenwriter and flourishes in it. Highly recommended.

"Gifted" is odd. It puts a great deal of effort into portraying the difficulties of being abnormally intelligent, and includes some interesting speculation on the duty of the hyperintelligent to the world, but gets so many basic day to day details wrong that that it is hard to pay attention to the interesting stuff. There was a really good movie to be had with these concepts, and this cast, but it didn't get made.

My class ended on April 29; on May 10, I took the first of two Microsoft MCSA exams, named 70-698 and passed. I expect to knock out the second before the end of May, though just at this moment I am exhausted and kind of cross-eyed. But it will happen.

Uncle Hyena
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