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Random Bits from Facebook

June 1:
Dredged from 2012
“...If you can make a girl laugh - you can make her do anything...”
-- Marilyn Monroe, American actress (1926-1962)

Ah, if only that were so...

June 2:
Heard in my household:
Hyena: "People want simplicity in their ethics, in all of their philosophy. In fact the only place most people are interested in nuance is in their food. Kind of the opposite of me."

June 3:
Visited my mother's grave yesterday, on the way to visiting my dad and playing poker. The stone has settled a bit, and was developing a layer of mud and some algae, so I spent about ten minutes on my hands and knees scrubbing it off...

June 3:
So you throw story elements into a blender push the button, dump it out, see what you get. After the horrified shuddering passes, you remove a few things, add a few other things, lather, rinse, repeat. Today, three things that have been in there forever fell together in a way I have never seen before and WOW. I really want to make this work. We shall see.

June 3:
Hey, World? For an abreviation to qualify as an acronym, it needs to be PRONOUNCEABLE, OK? Otherwise it is just an abbreviation. "NATO" is an acronym; "CIA" is not.

June 6:
"It was the dark of the moon on the sixth of June..." 42 years ago. Sometimes the silliness lasts forever...

June 11:
The annual Rend Lake Messabout was yesterday. I was kind of ill, but got the boat in the water, and did a bit of rowing. Even talked someone else into taking Suchia for spin. (This makes four people, including me, who have ever been out in the boat.)

June 12:
Weird thoughts department: Among other things, Millennials are the first US generation who have been raised to equate being tied down with being safe. (Mandatory child car seats came in between 1979 and 1985.)

June 15:
Took the second Microsoft exam this morning, passed, now have a shiny new MCSA (Windows 10). There seems to be a rule that the more prepared I feel going into the test, the worse I feel when I hit the "finish" button. But that's done, and life is free to develop new and different wobbles.

June 15:
So, by way of celebration this afternoon, I went to Great America (I have had season passes for a few years, now) and bought a free-refills-for-the-season cup (which got much more complicated than it should have been), and then rode the carousel for the very first time (and I have been going to the park, on and off, for about 40 years), and then bought a carousel from the penny press (since both carousels and penny presses are fundamentally magical, but that is another story).

On my way out, I passed a group of high school girls; one of them was wearing a bright green polyester superhero sourvenir cape with the Green Lantern symbol on the back. I made it three steps, then went back and asked the girl, "Are you a Green Lantern fan, or do you just like green capes?"

The girl smiled broadly. She was pretty, skinny, had braces. She said, "I'm a Green Lantern fan. He's cool!"

I nodded, smiled, said, "Very cool," and went on my way. I made it about ten steps, paused, considered, went back. "OK," I said, "I have to ask. Can you do the chant?"

The girl looked puzzled for a moment, then looked sheepish. "No. I guess I ought to learn it, though." She sounded sincere about that.

I looked skyward, and made a gesture with my left hand that those who know me well would recognize as dredging for memory. Then I recited, "In brightest day, in darkest night, no evil will escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might beware my power: Green Lantern's light!" I dropped my eyes back to the girl, said, "I think that's right; I'm not sure."

The girl's eyes, and her smile, were huge. "It sounds right to me!" she said. You could have lit a city with that smile.

I touched a finger to my cap, and went on my way.

(For the record, it should be "blackest", not "darkest". I'll take the win anyway.)

June 16:
Utterly useless fog word of the day: Matriculate.

Bob Buehler replied:
Did you hear about the politician who accused his opponent of having been corrupted by education? He declared that the man was guilty of matriculation on the very first day of school, and then it got worse... he used to masticate regularly, in the cafeteria no less, where the girls could see him. Shameless.

June 18:
If you weaponize love and use it to power a disintegrator ray, it is STILL a disintegrator ray.

Those who have ears to hear, let them hear.

June 18:

Someday, I will meet you.
Until then, Happy Father's Day.


June 18:
The last time I saw my dad, a coupld of weeks ago, he asked me to take him to visit my mother's grave some time in the near future, as I did for her birthday last fall. Today, I tried. He just couldn't get into my van. It was really frustrating. The change in mobility since last fall wasn't really that great, it was just... enough. The wheel keeps turning.
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