Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Factoids and Work Details

First, because several of you were curious: I am (planning) to take and "Intro to Linux" class at the local junior college; I rather expect it to be a cake walk, and maybe a bit of fun. I am taking it because I rather foolishly included the phrase "take at least one class towards a degree" in my goals at work this spring, so now I HAVE to do it or I will end up money behind.

I managed to get up and get to the chiropractor before noon today, always an accomplishment on my days off. I also had three things I wanted to get done before I went to bed (because I am working an overtime shift at this very moment) and actually accomplished ALL of them. This is rare to the point of being amazing, but it is hopeful for the future; now if I can just keep doing this for a while... (If anyone cares: The three tasks were to cut and install 18 half blacks in the pavement I put down a couple of weeks ago, mow the parkway and one other area that needed it, and cut and (ideally) seal new cover boards for the truck bed. I got the first two done completely, and the last one as completely as circumstances would allow; I had to scrub the boards down before I could seal them, and the needed time to dry. But I good afternoon's work in any case.)

Uncle Hyena
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