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Random Bits from Facebook

July 6:
“I wish to have no connection with any ship that does not sail fast; for I intend to go in harm's way.”
-- John Paul Jones, Scottish born American naval hero (1747-1792)

That speech got him "Ranger", which did in fact sail fast, and he took her repeatedly, and successfully, into harm's way. But it is worth noting that the ship with which Jones is most associated, "Bonhomme Richard", was, well, a pig, that won her only battle under Jones by SINKING. Audacity, ferocity, and tenacity are a tough combination to beat...

July 6:
Three hour conversational lunch with Rowan H. this afternoon. When two people who both enjoy hyperbolic conversation get going, there really ought to be a third party present just to keep track of the dropped threads. REALLY good times.

As for the rest of you... Invite yourself to a conversation meal with me. Really! I haven't eaten a dinner companion in... a while, and I am trying to quit. (And if I actually OWE you a conversational meal, please forgive me and remind me.)

July 7:
It was May 8, 1988. We had just moved to Skokie. I was at the far east end of the apartment, doing something or other, and Demenatia was at the far west end, doing something that, uncharacterisically, had a TV news program on. I heard her say, "Damn!" really loudly, and rushed forward. I don't remember taking in any other clues to the situation, though I must have. Dementia was staring at the TV and crying. I said, "Bob Heinlein," and she nodded.

Heinlein was a highly intelligent man who cared about the world, and put a great deal of careful thought into many, many things. If he did not entirely transcend the prejudices of his time, he certainly made a damned good try.

“A competent and self-confident person is incapable of jealousy in anything. Jealousy is invariably a symptom of neurotic insecurity.”
-- Robert A. Heinlein, American science-fiction writer, (1907-1988)

Edited to add, because I managed to miss it the first time, that today (July 7) is/was his birthday.

July 8:
Life in my household: Other women get goofy about the shoes in, oh, "Sex and the City." For Dementia, it's "Killjoys" and "Wynonna Earp." I COULD try to stop her from buying a pair of knee-high motorcycle boots, but she knows where I sleep...

July 9:
I saw a '62 Corvette on Green Bay Road this afternoon. It was in front of me crossing Washington, then I turned off to Potesta's Pizza and it went on its way. I wished I had gotten a better look at it. I picked up the pizza, and as I was leaving, the Corvette pulled into the parking lot, and I got my wish, and for those five minutes, the world was a better place.

Except that it wasn't a Corvette, it was a girl named Amanda who had just completed basic training at Great Lakes. She was from Arkansas, was headed for a specialty school in Mississippi. She had long hair worn loose, and was wearing a sheer peasant blouse over a bright orange sports bra, short shorts, rhinestone studded flip flops, and a Navy rucksack. We talked about walking and things military and Geneva Lake, and for those five minutes, the world was a better place. She kept walking, and I took Dementia's pizza home.

July 13:
Safely home after escaping the flood, driving for seven hours, hanging out with family, and dodging through the flood to get home again. Spent time with nephew Tim and SO Sarah, finally met nephew-in-law Jason in the flesh, and re-met grand nephew Cyrus (who was luggage four years ago). Long but good day.

July 13:
Dear friends: Please quit having more significant problems than I am having. You are REALLY messing up my plans to wallow in self pity.

July 15:
Possible activities for tomorrow: Go to Michigan and harass relatives, go to Bristol and see Bounding Main and various other friends, or hide under my mattress. At the moment, option three is winning, but I suspect that it will pass. We shall see.

July 15:
The ongoing war with the racoons in the attic has entered a new phase. We now have a working motion triggered critter alarm, and I managed to nail three of the critters with (home made) pepper spray. Maybe that will discourage them for a bit.
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