Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Tower, Lucky, Bodyguard

Three movies:

"The Dark Tower" is based on Stephen King's odd and commercially successful foray into epic fantasy. It has some great moments, but it doesn't quite fit into the length of a single movie, and has significant pacing problems. Still, we enjoyed it. And I got a kick out of the fact that ".45 Long Colt" is apparently a cosmic specification.

"Logan Lucky" is a moderately deranged caper movie with a great cast. It has some pacing problems, and sometimes the stoopid is just too far over the top, but we still enjoyed it a great deal.

"The Hit Man's Bodyguard" is silly, violent, and a great deal of fun. It gives us two wonderful actors playing minor variations on their best characters in a nearly perfect blend of humor and bloodshed. And then it throws in the best three-minute love story in the history of cinema as a bonus. AND it uses one of my favorite songs as an end title. This movie is NOT for everyone, but if you like this kind of thing, you will LOVE this one. We did.

Uncle Hyena
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