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Movies, and a few other things.

"Happy Death Day" is pretty much exactly what is described in the trailers, which is to say, "Groundhog Day" told as a horror story. The early sequences, as the protagonist figures out what is going on, are well done and creepy. The story gets a bit lost as it progresses, but the star is decorative, and the movie lives up to its fairly low expectations.

"Blade Runner 2049" is exactly what you would expect in a sequel to "Blade Runner": It's beautiful, pompous, and kind of dumb, but once you get past that, there is a pretty good bit of film noir under it all. (Oh, and while I am at it, the much maligned theatrical release is my favorite version of the original movie; it NEEDS the voice overs to sort out the plot, if you come into it cold.)

"Professor Marsden and the Wonder Women" is fairly straightforward, given how convoluted the subject matter is. It's well done, though I came away with the impression that the actual story was rather different than was presented in the film. I strongly suspect Marsden was basically a hand puppet for his admittedly smarter and more talented wife. This would make the Wonder Woman character even more culturally significant (though, unfortunately, no less lame).

"The Foreigner" is an oddity. It seems to have been tailor made for a Chinese martial artist, but it contains WAY too much detail about Irish politics for a typical martial arts movie. It turns out to have been based on a 25 year old novel. It works well, even though it seems a shame to have Jackie Chan in a movie where he only gets to smile once.

"Jigsaw" is essentially the eighth entry in the "Saw" franchise, even though the title character was killed off decisively two movies previously. This is really difficult in a horror franchise that has been pointedly non-supernatural from the very beginning. Over the course of the movie, there are a number of small things that seem to make no sense, but they all pay off in the end, which is a neat trick.

Odds and ends: On the 20th, I trekked up to Johnstown Center, WI, and did a short visit to Mini-Hoopla, a charity driven gaming con. I have done fly-bys of the main (spring) Gaming Hoopla two or three times, and have never managed to play a game before. This time, I played something called "Stone Garden" which had fairly simple gameplay and an incredibly complex scoring system. Not really my cup of tea.

On the 21st, Dementia and I took a different trek to Geneva, IL, to visit "Viking", a full size replica of the Gokstad ship that crossed the Atlantic, 2500 miles in 28 days, under sail and oars back in 1893. Then she spent a hundred years rotting in the care of the Chicago Park District. She is beautiful and sad.

On the 27th I went up to Racine for my third game of "This House is Haunted", this time in a private house. Our host managed to work a marriage proposal into the fabric of the game, which was both charming and logistiaclly impressive. (The lady in question said yes.) Good times.

Uncle Hyena
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