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Random Bits from Facebook

October 16:
I am significantly amused that we live in a culture where it is possible to buy an extended warranty on an extruded aluminum heat sink.

October 17:
So there's a new hashtag meme out there, "I will" as a sympathetic male response to the (generally) female "Me, too." Now, I don't DO hashtag memes, I just DON'T. But if I did, I would do this one...

October 19:
Life in my household:

Hyena suggested something improbable. Dementia said, "That will never work."

Hyena shrugged and said, "Optimism frees a Major."

Dementia stared at Hyena; he stared back. Dementia blinked; Hyena lost control of his grin...

Dementia blinked again. Somewhere in the depths of her brain, a connection was made to an episode of "Boston Legal" in which Denny argued, with utter sincerity, that he thought the phrase "hope springs eternal" was a misapprehension of a story about a woman named Hope who liberated an army officer in a 1940s espionage movie. Dementia started to laugh.

So did Hyena.

October 20:
We were waiting for take-out food, and an elderly gentleman in a veteran's unit cap sat down next to me while his son went for their car. I asked him if he had been in WWII, or Korea. He said WWII, and I said he must be just a bit older than my father, who had been in boot on VE Day, and in an advanced school on VJ Day, and had then served with the Japan Occupation force.

He said that he had been in the Pacific, training for the invasion of the Japanese mainland, in August of 1945, and that the atomic bombs and subsequent Japanese surrender were the best news he had ever gotten. I told him he wasn't the first person I had heard that from, that everyone I had ever met who had been there agreed with him. He nodded.

I said, "That's not what they are teaching these days, you know. The newer history books are saying that Japan was already beaten, and that we dropped the bombs to scare the Soviets." He shook his head.

"You will never hear that from anyone who was there," he said. I said I didn't imagine that I would.

His son returned, he stood, I stood, I shook his hand, and wished him well.

October 21:
We went out to Geneva, IL, this afternoon to visit a dragon. Her name is "Viking", and she is a replica of the Gokstad ship, built in Norway in 1893, and sailed across the Atlantic (proving conclusively that it was possible) to participate in Chicago's Columbian Exhibition, and then spent nearly a hundred years being neglected by the City of Chicago.

These days, she is finally in the custody of people who care about her, and appreciate the treasure that she is. For the time being, the project is much, much bigger than the resources that are available, but progress is being made, anyway.

Here there be dragons.

October 28:
Went up to Racine last night for a game of "This House is Haunted" under the auspices of Joe Fromm and Robie Moore, who incidentally got engaged to each other over the course of the game. VERY good times. (Thanks much, Joe and Robie, for sharing with us.)

October 30:
Life in my household:

Dementia: I guess I shouldn't try to play barre chords while wearing fingerless gloves...
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